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The world's healthcare systems—pharmaceutical companies, healthcare insurers, hospitals, most doctors' clinics, nursing homes, and disease foundations—work hand-in-hand with the makers of liquor, tobacco, and unhealthy foods, encouraging us to damage our natural immune systems and suffer diseases. Americans spend $2.4 trillion dollars a year on healthcare, yet the industry can't heal us. In many case, it shortens our lives, and all in the name of profit.

The proven approach in this book contributes to a longer, more healthful life by substituting the bounty of the earth and the body's natural healing capacity for the medications and surgical procedures that are the stock-in-trade of greed-driven healthcare institutions. From deliciously nutritious meals to pleasures like sleep, fresh air, exercise, and sunshine, Dr. Malcolm Hill reintroduces time-honored traditions of the Scriptures, showing how they can build up physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in today's world.


Did YouKnow:

" Many drugs have spiritual side effects such as abnormal dreams, hallucinations, homicidal and suicidal thoughts."



" We are programed through television and advertising to eat the food we eat."


" In order to become protein deficient you would have to starve. You get plenty protein from vegetables."

PAGE 122


" God will not heal you when you have the ability to heal yourself."

PAGE 150

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