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Dr. Malcolm Hill is a Holistic Chiropractor who is certified in Natural Health. He is the Author of “God’s Original Diet” and “God’s Health Care Plan.”

He is the founder of Healing Ministries, a worldwide outreach designed to teach the Body of Christ how to eliminate sickness and disease by eating according to specifications outlined in the Word of God.

As a sought after speaker on health and wellness, Dr. Hill speaks at conferences, conventions, health fairs and at ministries nationwide. He shares his wisdom as a regularly featured doctor on the Trinity Broadcasting Network “Doctor to Doctor” show which airs in over eighty countries around the world.

As a health & wellness expert, radio listeners across the country are gleaning from his wisdom on subjects that range from Man’s Health Care System VS God’s Health Care System and Eating to Live: Everything you need to know to eat food that reverses disease and promotes health.

Dr. Hill received his doctorate in Chiropractic Care from Life University in Marietta, Georgia and his certification in Holistic Nutrition from the True North Health Clinic in Santa Rosa, California.

Dr. Hill’s private practice, Neck & Back Pain Chiropractic is located in Riverdale, Georgia. He’s treated thousands of patients during his tenure as a doctor. He is affectionately known by his patients as “Dr. HEAL.”

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Healing Ministries, birthed out of the heart of Dr. Malcolm Hill teaches the importance of healthy living according to Biblical principles. The foundational scripture that Healing Ministries use is found in Genesis 1:29 where God instructs man to eat every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and from every tree that yields seed that shall be for meat (food). The foundational chapter that Healing Ministries uses is found in Genesis Chapter 1 where God makes everything that man needs in order to live a healthy life such as: water, fresh air, sunlight and food. Pertaining to the body, God gave Adam (the first man) instructions to tend to the garden (exercise) and to also get proper rest and sleep. All these essential elements are needed by man in order to live the abundant life that God intended. Out of these foundational scriptures, healing ministries outlines the healthy lifestyle that God intended from the beginning of time.

Dr. Malcolm Hill travels extensively around the world teaching at conferences, conventions, health and fitness clubs and conducting seminars and workshops about diet and lifestyle in relation to health. Many people have been healed of diseases after following the teachings of Dr. Hill. Healing Ministries focus on natural healing rather than divine healing of the body as outlined in the word of God. Dr. Hill believes that many times people are seeking a divine healing from God but this ministry teaches that God has given us the ability to heal ourselves through food by eating God’s Original Diet and following the laws of God’s Health Care Plan.




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